Company profile

Kleindiek Nanotechnik is a young, customer oriented high-tech company. With an innovative and powerful driving concept we are entering new space in micro- and nano-positioning.

The company founder Stephan Kleindiek invented the Nanomotor® in 1991 during his PhD thesis at the University of Tuebingen. This motor and subsequent inventions of rotational motors based on the same principle are the foundation of Kleindiek Nanotechnik's products.

Due to miniaturisation in semiconductor technology, optics, micro-mechanics, medicine, gene- and bio-technology, highly precise positioning techniques are becoming increasingly important. Our products meet and exceed customer's requirements, offering them a new level of precision.

Our customer-driven approach is focused on providing complete and innovative solutions for each of our market segments: researchers, industrial customers and enterprises.

Our product development philosophy is the direct solution of the specific underlying problem. The simplicity, homogeneity and harmony of our designs guarantee maximum manoeuvrability and highest resolution while maintaining the smallest outer dimensions.

We are proud to offer our customers

  • 20 years market experience
  • An installed base of over 2600 systems
  • Standardised products for many applications
  • User-friendly control interfaces
  • Competent and reliable consulting
  • Custom solutions
  • Continuous innovative development
  • Up to date production techniques

Made in Germany featuring Kleindiek Nanotechnik